Tea Tasting

2019 Da Xue Shan Terre de Ciel Tea Adventures

2019 Da Xue Shan Tea Tasting (TdC)

The 2019 Da Xue Shan from Terre de Ciel is a super sweet and fruity wild sheng puerh. It has some minerality to it and there is a long-lasting aftertaste.

2012 LTC Da Hong Ying Vin-Satori Tea Adventures

2012 LTC Da Hong Ying Tea Tasting (Vin-Satori)

The 2012 LTC Da Hong Ying from Vin-Satori is a well-balanced tea with the right intensity. Combination of sweet and bitter that became fruitier towards the end.

Shanlinxi Gaoshan Oolong Teamania Tea Adventures

Shanlinxi Gaoshan Oolong Tea Tasting (Teamania)

The Shanlinxi Gaoshan Oolong from Teamania starts out floral and slowly gets fruity and sweet. The aftertaste just kept going and was like caramelised sugar.

2000 Laoshu Liubao Characteas Tea Adventures

2000 Laoshu Liubao Tea Tasting (Characteas)

The 2000 Laoshu Liubao from Characteas was an interesting and delicious Liu Bao that combines camphor and beetroot. Earthy and tasty combination!

2020 Baiye Dancong Characteas Tea Adventures

2020 Baiye Dancong Tea Tasting (Characteas)

The 2020 Baiye Dancong from Characteas is a floral and fruity dancong oolong with honey in the finish and in the sweet and long-lasting aftertaste.

Ming Qiang Huangshan Maofeng Teasenz Tea Adventures

Ming Qian Huangshan Maofeng Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Ming Qian Huangshan Maofeng from Teasenz is a delicious first flush green tea from 2021. It offers citrus at the start and a sweetness in the finish.

Handpicked Honyama Sencha Teamania Tea Adventures

Handpicked Honyama Sencha Tea Tasting (Teamania)

The Handpicked Honyama Sencha from Teamania is a fantastic sencha. It felt like a breeze on a hot summer’s day with notes of umami and a sweet grassiness.

2014 Wang Bing Shen Tai Vin-Satori Tea Adventures

2014 Wang Bing Shen Tai Tea Tasting (Vin-Satori)

The 2014 Wang Bing Shen Tai is a really interesting tea that tastes younger than it actually is. It changed a lot during the session and felt like summer.

Phoenix Hong Cha Teamania Tea Adventures

Phoenix Hong Cha Tea Tasting (Teamania)

The Phoenix Hong Cha from Teamania starts out with highly aromatic flavours like a dan cong oolong and slowly transforms into a sweeter and malty tea.

2010 King of Pu-erh sheng Hey China Tea Adventures

2010 King of Pu-erh Raw Tea Tasting (Hey China)

The 2010 King of Pu-erh from Hey China is an Yiwu sheng puerh from 2010. It’s mainly about a mellow and fruity sweetness in combination with a smokiness.

2021 First Flush Long Jing Teasenz Tea Adventures

2021 First Flush Long Jing Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

This 2021 First Flush Long Jing from Teasenz feels fresh and green at the start but has a prominent nuttiness and sweetness towards the end.

2019 Dong Ding Terre de Ciel Tea Adventures

Dong Ding Tea Tasting (Terre de Ciel)

The 2019 Dong Ding from Terre de Ciel is a tea full of floral notes and butter. The later infusions had a green edge with a long-lasting aftertaste.

2018 Pasha Gushu Teamania Tea Adventures

2018 Pasha Gushu Tea Tasting (Teamania)

The 2018 Pasha Gushu from Teamania is a delicious young sheng puerh. It was almost as if I was drinking champagne. Sweet and fruity with a sour twist.

2007 Mengku Raw Puerh Yee On Tea Tea Adventures

2007 Mengku Raw Puerh Tea Tasting (Yee On Tea)

The 2007 Mengku Raw Puerh from Yee On Tea is a balanced puerh with an impressive aftertaste. Strawberry tobacco with sweet summer fruits in the aftertaste.

Shikoku Temple Tea ANMO Tea Adventures

Shikoku Temple Tea Tasting (ANMO)

The Shikoku Temple Tea from ANMO is a Japanese sencha from 2020. It comes from the main Buddhist temple on Tsurugi mountain and is grassy, nutty and sweet.