Tea Education

Best Tea for Beginners Tea Adventures

Best Tea for Beginners

Getting into the world of loose leaf tea can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. This article offers an overview of the best teas for a beginner.

Why Are Chinese Teacups so Small Tea Adventures

Why Are Chinese Teacups so Small?

In the Chinese Tea Ceremony, tea is usually served in small teacups. But why are people doing this? This article lists the main benefits of serving tea in small teacups.

How Many Grams of Puerh Tea Tea Adventures

How Many Grams of Puerh Tea?

Using the right amount of puerh tea is important to brew the perfect cup. This article discusses how much puerh tea you need when brewing western-style or when following the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

How to Store Puerh Tea Tea Adventures

How to Store Puerh Tea

Puerh storage is a complicated topic but it’s important that you know what you’re doing if you want to store puerh tea to enjoy or sell in a couple of years. This article offers a detailed overview of how to store puerh tea.

Can You reuse Puerh Tea tea Adventures

Can You Reuse Puerh Tea?

Reusing tea leaves seems a good idea at first, but is this actually the case? Is it a good idea to reuse puerh tea? Can you even reuse tea leaves the next day? This article offers a complete answer.


What is the Difference between Black Tea and Puerh Tea?

Black tea, red tea, puerh tea, and dark tea are often used to talk about tea. However, not everyone knows what they refer to. This article offers a complete overview of the difference between black tea and puerh tea.

Can You Cold Brew Puerh Tea Tea Adventures

Can You Cold Brew Puerh Tea?

Puerh tea is getting more popular and some people even try cold brewing it. It is actually safe? This article discusses what cold brewing puerh tea is, how to do it and if it’s safe to do.

Do You Need Boiling Water for Tea Tea Adventures

Do You Need to Boil Water for Tea?

Water is a complicated when it comes to tea and water temperature can have a big effect on how the tea turns out. This article answers the question if you actually need boiling water to make tea.

What to Do With Used Tea Leaves Tea Adventures

What to Do With Used Tea Leaves

Throwing away used tea leaves is a bad idea because there are several other things you can do instead. This article lists 9 things to do with used tea leaves.

How to Use a Tea Kettle Tea Adventures

How to Use a Tea Kettle

A tea kettle is an important piece of equipment for making tea. This article explains how to use it and how to take care of your precious tea kettle.

What is Gyokuro Tea Adventures

How Gyokuro is Made

Learn how gyokuro is made – gyokuro growing, gyokuro picking, gyokuro processing and gyokuro preparation.

How sencha is made Tea Adventures

Different Types of Sencha

Learn about the different types of sencha – how sencha growing, sencha steaming and sencha blending affects taste.

How to Break a Puerh Tea Brick Tea Adventures

How to Break a Puerh Tea Brick

Not everyone knows how and why to break a puerh tea brick. This article offers a full explanation of how to break a puerh tea brick.

Can You Drink Puerh Tea At Night Tea Adventures

Can You Drink Puerh Tea at Night?

You can drink puerh tea at night, but it’s best to avoid tea with high caffeine levels. Aged puerh tea is always a good choice to drink at night.

Does Puerh Tea Have Caffeine Tea Adventures

Does Puerh Tea Have Caffeine?

Caffeine in puerh tea is up for debate because there is no straightforward answer. The amount of caffeine in puerh tea depends on several factors.