How Many Grams of Puerh Tea?

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Puerh tea is loved by many people for a number of reasons. There are different ways to brew yourself a nice cup of puerh tea and it’s important to know how much puerh tea you need. This article offers a complete overview of how many grams of puerh tea you need to brew yourself a cup.

The amount of puerh tea you need for a cup depends on the brewing method. Brewing puerh tea western-style in a large mug works best when using 3-4g for 500ml. Brewing puerh tea according to the Chinese Tea Ceremony uses around 5g for 100ml water.

Why Should I Drink Puerh Tea?

Puerh tea is a type of fermented tea that is produced in China. It has been around for centuries and it is believed to have originated from the Yunnan region. There are different types of puerh tea (raw and ripe puerh) and they are characterized by microbial fermentation.

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The traditional Chinese culture believes that drinking this type of tea can help improve your health and well-being in many ways. It can improve digestion, promote weight loss, and reduce cholesterol levels.

Puerh tea is a type of tea that is typically aged for a long time. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a way to increase strength and circulation.

How Much Puerh Tea Should I Drink Each Day?

The recommended amount of puerh tea to drink each day varies depending on the person’s health and lifestyle. For most people, it will be around 1-2 cups per day.

Different types of puerh tea have different levels of caffeine, so not everyone should drink 2 cups of puerh tea right before they go to bed. It’s important to listen to your body and don’t drink it right before bed if you can’t sleep afterward.

Figuring out when to drink puerh tea and incorporating it into your daily life has multiple long-term benefits like the ones listed above.

What are the Best Ways to Prepare Puerh Tea?

There are many ways to prepare puerh tea, but some methods are better than others. Brewing tea in a big mug and steeping it for a long time is seen as the western style of tea brewing.

Using a lot of tea and infusing it in a small amount of water is typically done in the Chinese Tea ceremony. This ceremony is described as ‘Gong Fu Cha’. For a full guide on how to brew puerh tea, click here.

The amount of puerh tea you need depends on the brewing method you choose. Western-style tea brewing generally uses less tea than Gong Fu Cha. It’s important to keep in mind that it all comes down to personal preference and to treat the guidelines below for what they are: guidelines. They are not fixed rules, but more of a starting point to see how you like it.

Amount of puerh tea for western style brewing

Western-style puerh tea brewing consists of using a relatively small amount of leaves, infusing it for several minutes in a relatively high amount of water, and removing the leaves afterward.

Generally speaking, you should use around 3-4g of puerh tea per 500 ml water. A good starting point is to infuse the leaves for 2-3 minutes and see how you like it. You can use the same leaves again for one or two additional infusions.

Amount of puerh tea for Gong Fu Cha

Brewing puerh tea according to the Chinese Tea Ceremony is a complicated process that requires some more specialized teaware and a complete guide on how to do it can be found here.

A good starting point is to use 5g of puerh tea per 100 ml water. You can do up to 10 infusions using the same tea leaves, so in the end, you’ll get more tea from the same leaves.

There are several steps you need to do to successfully brew a cup of puerh tea this way so I recommend checking out our guide.

You might want to use more puerh tea when brewing darker teas such as ripe or aged sheng puerh because these teas won’t get as bitter and/or astringent. 6g per 100 ml works fine in our experience.

Brewing a young sheng puerh (around 1 year old) might offer a better experience when you use fewer leaves. 4g for 100 ml can sometimes result in a better cup of tea.


You can brew puerh tea in several ways and the brewing method determines how many grams of puerh tea you need. Western-style tea brewing requires less tea for the same amount of water and 3-4g of tea works well with around 500 ml water.

Brewing puerh tea according to the Chinese Tea Ceremony has a higher leaf-to-water ratio and 5g per 100ml water is a good starting point. Some puerh teas do well when using 4g per 100 ml, while others really shine when using 6g per 100 ml.

It’s important that you experiment with different brewing parameters to see how you like your tea in order to brew the perfect cup.