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Tea Collection

On this page, you can find an overview of my current tea collection. This page is meant to keep track of the teas I currently own. It’s mainly to make things easier for me when I want to have a session and instead of going through every box, I can look at this list and instantly know what I want to brew. If you want to see what I’m drinking every day, go follow my Instagram.

Lightly Oxidised/Roasted Oolong

Heavily Oxidised/Roasted Oolong​

2012 Shanlinxi Gaoshan Oolong (Teamania)

2005 Heavy Roast Dong Ding (The Tea Guru)

2019 Autumn Tie Guan Yin (Essence of Tea)

Rock Oolong

1980 Tie Luo Han (Essence of Tea)

2020 Shui Xian Wuyi Yellow Leaves (Essence of Tea)

Dan Cong Oolong

2020 Spring Hua Ji Dan Cong (Essence of Tea)

2020 Mi Lan Xiang (Characteas)

2020 Xue Pian Snow Flakes (Characteas)

Green Tea

2019 Fukamushi Saeakari (Mei Leaf)

2020 Sencha Saemidori Kagoshima (ANMO)

2020 Dento Hon Gyukuro Fujimidori (Teamania)

2020 Handpicked Honyama Sencha (Teamania)

2021 Kagoshima Kabuse Sencha (Teamania)

White Tea

2006 Aged White Fuding Shou Mei (The Tea Guru)

2008 Bai Mudan (Teamania)

Jade Star IV 2010 Bai Mu Dan & Shou Mei (Mei Leaf)

Sunfire Ripple 2011 Shou Mei (Mei Leaf)

Hong Cha

2015 Jing Xin Wild Hong Cha (Essence of Tea)

2019 Spring Ancient Tree Wild Purple Red Tea (Essence of Tea)

2020 Yongde Ye Sheng Hong Cha (Moychay)

2020 Wu Di Hong Cha (Essence of Tea)

2020 Single Tree Wild Hong Cha (Essence of Tea)

2020 Phoenix Hong Cha (Teamania)

Liu Bao

1985 Yee On Original Liu Bao (Yee on Tea)

1990s Duoteli Liu Bao (ANMO)

Mid 90s Loose Leaf Liu Bao (Essence of Tea)

2000 Laoshu Liu Bao (Characteas)

2007 Wuzhou Liu Bao Tea Brick 3310 (Yee on Tea)

2008 Ripe Liu Bao Tea (Yee on Tea)

2010 First Grade Tuancha Wuzhou Tea Factory (Characteas)


2007 Pagoda Qian Liang (Global Tea Hut)

2009 Ya’an Zangcha (Characteas)

2012 Ya’an Zangcha (Characteas)

2016 Ya’an Zangcha (Characteas)

2019 Yiwu Purple Tea (Essence of Tea)

Shou Puerh

1995 Lin Cang Shu Puerh Tuo (Essence of Tea)

Early 2000 Shu Puerh (Characteas)

Fig Dipper 2012 Bulang Ripe Puerh (Mei Leaf)

2012 Bulang Shu Puerh (Characteas)

2013 Gem Juice Outlaw (Mei Leaf)

2013 Old Tree Third Leaf Shu brick (ANMO)

2018 Charlie (white2tea)

2021 EoT Shu Puerh Light Fermentation (EoT)

2021 EoT Shu Puerh Full Fermentation (EoT)

2021 EoT Shu Puerh Original Blend (EoT)

Sheng Puerh

1990 Hong Kong Sheng (Vin-Satori)

2001 Mengsa Old Tree Sheng (EoT)

2004 Man Zhuan Ancient Tree Puerh (EoT)

2005 Xiaguan Jia Ji Tuo (The Tea Guru)

2005 Feng Qing Wild Ancient Tree Puerh (Essence of Tea)

2006 CNNP 55 Years Anniversary Sheng Puerh

2006 Feng Qing 7813 (The Tea Guru)

2007 Yiwu Jing Long Sunsing Tea Cake (ANMO)

2007 Mangzhi Sunsing Tea Cake (ANMO)

2009 Yiwu Huang Tian Mini Teacake (Sun Sing Tea)

2009 Hou You 9026 (Vin-Satori)

2013 TFC Ban Zhang Old Arbor (Yee on Tea)

2013 Yibang Gushu (Teamania)

2014 Guang Bie Lao Zhai (Characteas)

2014 Lincang Organic Gushu Dong Jia Shan (Characteas)

2016 Gua Feng Zhai Dragon Balls (Teamania)

2018 Shangri-La Mini Tea Cake (ANMO)

2018 Nuzzle Diver (Mei Leaf)

2018 Mansa Gushu (Teamania)

2018 Mansa Gushu Huang Pian (Teamania)

2019 Green Hype (white2tea)

2019 The Thing Still Is (white2tea)

2019 ZSL Autumn Yibang Mi Bu Village (Tea Encounter)

2019 Gushu Dragon Ball Longzhu Manglu (Characteas)

2020 Hekai Da Shu Loose Leaf Sheng (Moychay)

2020 Autumn Yiwu San Jia Zhai (Essence of Tea)

2020 Old Tree Autumn Sheng (Essence of Tea)

2020 Tea Encounter Bang Dong (Tea Encounter)

2020 Wild Silver Bud Yabao (Characteas)

2021 Yiwu Maocha (EoT)

2021 Mengsa Sheng (EoT)

Long Term Puerh Storage

2005 Red Label

2007 Mengsa Tuocha

2008 Taste of Hong Kong Raw Puerh Cake (Traditional Storage)  (3)

2011 Menghai Tea Factory (Dayi) 8582 Sheng Puerh (2)

2011 Menghai Tea Factory (Dayi) 7542 Sheng Puerh

2011 CNNP Hong Yin Sheng Puerh

2012 Jingmai Sheng Puerh

2012 TdC Naka Sheng Puerh

2015 Jingmai Sheng Puerh

2018 Mengku Tea Factory ‘Spring Tips’ Sheng Puerh

2018 Nuzzle Diver Hekai Sheng Puerh (2)

2018 Sunsing Yiwu Mahei Owl

2020 Wengji Village Jingmai Sheng Puerh