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I am trying to keep my promise to give more frequent updates so I felt like writing an article about puerh tea. I have been wanting to buy aged puerh from Hong Kong for a while and I finally gave in this week.

Cloud’s Tea House

I have been browsing Cloud’s website for several years but never bought anything until now… I’m running out of old puerh so I wanted something affordable with between 15 and 20 years of age.

I have already bought from Yee on Tea (another tea shop in Hong Kong), but Cloud’s Tea House is the most famous one (I guess). That’s why I really wanted to try what they have to offer…

I got several things and a sale was going on so I got a tong of 145g cakes. I didn’t buy full cakes (except the tong) as I got more of a sampler package of their own line of puerh teas.

What I bought:

  • 2006 Rongshi mini tea cake (7 cakes of 145g)
  • 2006 Yiwu aged puerh (150g)
  • 2006 Cloud’s collection puerh (150g)
  • 2007 Cloud’s collection puerh (special edition 150g)
  • 2003 Cloud’s golden ripe puerh (2x 150g)

I can’t wait to taste these teas! Especially the 2006 and 2007 Cloud’s collection sheng puerh.

In my cup

While I’m writing these words, I’m having an aged Liu Bao. I decided to use my duanni hanwa teapot again after neglecting it for almost two years.

This one works well with Liu Bao and now I remember why it used to be one of my favorite teapots! Will definitely use it next week when I’m having more of that aged liu bao.

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