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Follow me as I delve deeper into the world of loose leaf tea, I'm not an expert, but I try to document my journey as much as possible with this blog.

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2012 Man Mai Gushu Xi An Chu Tea Adventures

2012 Man Mai Gushu Tea Tasting (Xin An Chu)

The 2012 Man Mai Gushu from Xin An Chu is a nicely balanced but subtle tea. It started out slowly and I got hints of grapefruit towards the end of the session.

2008 Ecological Puerh Yee on Tea Tea Adventures

2008 Ecological Puerh Tea Tasting (Yee on Tea)

The 2008 Ecological Puerh from Yee On Tea is a solid sheng puerh that won’t disappoint you. It starts out slowly but evolves into a nicely aged sheng puerh.

2013 Wuliang Shan Terre de Ciel Tea Adventures

2013 Wuliang Shan Tea Tasting (Terre de Ciel)

The 2013 Wuliang Shan from Terre de Ciel is another great sheng puerh. It started out subtle but changed into a strong tea with incense, citrus and violets.

Tai Ping Hou Kui Teasenz Tea Adventures

Tai Ping Hou Kui Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The 2021 Tai Ping Hou Kui from Teasenz is a real treat. It offers a combination of sugary sweet and grassy flavours with a warming aftertaste.

2008 Bai Mudan Teamania Tea Adventures

2008 Bai Mudan Tea Tasting (Teamania)

The 2008 Bai Mudan from Teamania is an aged white tea from Zhenghe. It has a stony minerality in combination with hay. Overall, subtle but enjoyable tea.

2019 Da Xue Shan Terre de Ciel Tea Adventures

2019 Da Xue Shan Tea Tasting (TdC)

The 2019 Da Xue Shan from Terre de Ciel is a super sweet and fruity wild sheng puerh. It has some minerality to it and there is a long-lasting aftertaste.