How to Clean an Electric Kettle

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One thing any self-respecting tea lover should do is keeping his/her kettle clean. Over time, hard water (or limescale) can build up inside the kettle and if you don’t clean it once in a while, it could destroy your kettle. That is something we want to avoid at all costs and is why I wrote this blog post; to show how you can clean your electric kettle in around 15 minutes.

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How to Clean an Electric Kettle

Water contains some minerals like calcium and magnesium and these form the basis for limescale. Once the water boils, these minerals do not evaporate but stay in your kettle and build up over time. Follow the instructions to make your kettle brand new again!

Items needed

  • Cheap vinegar
  • Electric kettle with limescale


  • Around 15 minutes


Step 1: Put some (around 250 ml) cheap vinegar in your kettle and boil it.

Step 2: After boiling, let it rest for about 5 minutes. This way, the fumes can spread inside the kettle. After 5 minutes, look for any leftover limescale and take a cloth or napkin to remove it. It should come off quite easily because of the boiled vinegar.

Step 3: Pour out the vinegar.

Step 4: Take some new water (doesn’t really matter how much, just make sure it’s a decent amount) and boil it. Pour out the water and repeat once more.

Step 5: Your kettle is as good as new! If you don’t plan on using it right away, leave it open for a while so it can dry.

I think the results are impressive! My kettle looks brand new and it only took some cheap vinegar and 15 minutes of my day!

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