Tai Ping Hou Kui Teasenz Tea Adventures

Tai Ping Hou Kui Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The 2021 Tai Ping Hou Kui from Teasenz is a real treat. It offers a combination of sugary sweet and grassy flavours with a warming aftertaste.

Ming Qiang Huangshan Maofeng Teasenz Tea Adventures

Ming Qian Huangshan Maofeng Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Ming Qian Huangshan Maofeng from Teasenz is a delicious first flush green tea from 2021. It offers citrus at the start and a sweetness in the finish.

2021 First Flush Long Jing Teasenz Tea Adventures

2021 First Flush Long Jing Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

This 2021 First Flush Long Jing from Teasenz feels fresh and green at the start but has a prominent nuttiness and sweetness towards the end.

Bei Dou Yi Hao teasenz Tea Adventures

Bei Dou Yi Hao Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Bei Dou Yi Hao from Teasenz was a lightly roasted yancha with a fruity twist. There was also a hint of caramelised sugar in some infusions.

Qi lan Teasenz Tea Adventures

Qi Lan Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Qi Lan yancha from Teasenz starts out floral, buttery and sweet and it slowly changes into a mellow brew with clear floral notes.

Da Hong Pao Teasenz Tea Adventures

Da Hong Pao Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Da Hong Pao from Teasenz is a nice tea with an insanely sweet and intense aftertaste. From a prominent candy sweetness to more floral and buttery flavours.

Huang Mei Gui Teasenz Tea Adventures

Huang Mei Gui Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Huang Mei Gui from Teasenz is a floral yancha with a prominent butteriness. The aftertaste was sweet, buttery and long-lasting.

Rou Gui Teasenz Tea Adventures

Rou Gui Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

Rou Gui is a famous Wuyi Yancha and this one shows why. Prominent sweetness with cinnamon notes that flow through the infusion into the aftertaste.

Wild orange shou puerh Teasenz Tea Adventures

Wild Orange 2009 Ripe Puer Tangerine Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Wild Orange 2009 Ripe Puer Tangerine from Teasenz is the perfect introduction to shou puer tea. There is a subtle earthiness and an orange sweetness.

Yunnan Gold Teasenz Tea Adventures

Yunnan Gold Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

Teasenz’ Yunnan Gold is a beauty to look at. The magnificent golden buds offer a sweet and woody aroma while the flavours go from sweet to malty.

Anji bai Cha teasenz Tea Adventures

Anji Bai Cha Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Anji Bai Cha from Teasenz is a fantastic green tea. It offers a creamy nuttiness and some citrus notes that work really well together.

Fujian silver needle teasenz tea adventures

Fujian Silver Needle (Teasenz)

Teasenz’ Fujian Silver Needle is a sweet tea that almost tastes like wine gums. The later infusions offer flavours of citrus fruits.

Lapsang Souchong Teasenz tea adventures

Lapsang Souchong Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

Teasenz’ Lapsang Souchong is a complex black tea that combines maltiness with sweet and exotic fruits. This tea really brightened my day.

Lu an Gua Pian teasenz tea adventures

Liu An Gua Pian Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

Teasenz’ Liu An Gua Pian is an explosion of green flavours at the beginning. This changes into sweetness and nuttiness, which is an enjoyable combination.