dong ding oolong

Dong Ding Oolong

A famous name when talking about tea is Dong Ding. What does this mean and where does it come from? What is it that makes this tea special?

Lapsang souchong white2tea tea adventures

White2tea Club July 2019: Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong

Tasting unsmoked Lapsang Souchong teas from white2tea’s 2019 July tea club. Traditional, Fruit Bomb and Herby Lapsang Souchongs are definitely not the same.

european tea shops

European Online Tea Shops

Finding the right tea shop in Europe can be challenging. In this post, you can find an overview of different European tea shops to buy your tea online.

Lu Yan Xiang Wudpng Tea Adventures

Lu Yan Xiang Tea Tasting (Wudong Tea)

Lu Yan Xiang or magnolia flower fragrance is a Dan Cong oolong tea from Chaozhou Province. The buttery magnolias will take you to faraway flower gardens.

Yunnan Silver Needle vs. Zhejiang Silver Needle

Yunnan Silver Needle vs. Zhejiang Silver Needle

Despite both being silver needle tea, there are major differences between silver needle from Yunnan and silver needle from Zhejiang Province. How can one and the same tea be so different?

Makinohara Benifuki Oolong curious tea tea adventures

Makinohara Benifuki Oolong Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

The Makinohara Benifuki oolong is a tea that is unlike any other oolong tea I have drunk before. It’s a green oolong with a vegetal flavour profile in combination with floral notes.

Yakushima Sencha Nio Teas Tea Adventures

Yakushima Sencha Tea Tasting (Nio Teas)

Yakushima sencha is a Japanese green tea that promises to be sweet. It’s a typical Japanese green that tastes like a fresh breeze on a hot Summer’s day.

Hai Lang Hao As You Like The Tea Guru Tea Adventures

Hai Lang Hao As You Like Tea Tasting (The Tea Guru)

The 2010 Hai Lang Hao As You Like is a shou Puerh tea that contains older material. Ageing has softened the sharp edges to make it a perfect every day shou.

Tea Sommelier: A Step-by-step Guide

Tea Sommelier: A Step-by-step Guide Book Review

Tea Sommelier: A Step-by-step Guide is the perfect book if you want to improve your tea sessions. It offers practical guidelines to fully experience tea.

2019 Green Hype white2tea Tea Adventures

2019 Green Hype Tea Tasting (white2tea)

The 2019 Green Hype was featured in white2tea’s tea club for June 2019. It’s a sheng Puerh tea with plenty of aged maocha. Is it the perfect daily sheng?

2016 Gushu Naka puerhsk

GuShu NaKa 2016 Tea Tasting (

A GuShu NaKa from 2016 is a Sheng Puerh tea that combines bitter and sweet. The sweetness goes back and forth between the different steeps.

2017 Qianliang Little Cubes Exquisite Leaves Tea Adventures

2017 Qianliang Little Cubes Tea Tasting (Exquisite Leaves)

Tea session of Exquisite Leaves’ 2017 Qianliang Little Cubes. It’s one of the top quality dark teas (heicha) from Anhua in Hunan Province.

Long Jing West Lake

Long Jing West Lake vs. Long Jing Ming Qian

Horizontal session of two Long Jing teas: Long Jing West Lake and Long Jing Ming Qian. Two samples of the same tea that come from different locations.

The Thing Still Is white2tea tea adventures

The Thing Still Is ______ Tea Tasting (white2tea)

Tasting session of the white2tea club May tea! A Sheng Puer cake that will improve through ageing. The Thing Still Is ______!

Junshan Yin Zhen Mei Leaf tea adventures

Yellow Tea

After buying some Junshan Yin Zhen, I thought it would be interesting to find out what yellow tea is exactly. Read this post to read all about it!