2015 5501 Nanyang Story Zhong Cha Liu Bao Tea Tasting (Lao Tea Shop)

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I have come to the end of my Liu Bao tasting journey. The 2015 5501 Nanyang Story Zhong Cha Liu Bao was the final one of the different teas I ordered a while ago. In total, I think I wrote articles about 8 different teas and this was such an enriching experience. These sessions really made me realise that Liu Bao is so unique and definitely worth exploring. For now, let’s focus on this session!

2015 5501 Nanyang Story Zhong Cha Liu Bao

I bought a 50g bag of this tea, but it’s sold out now. The material of this tea was harvested in 2015 and it was packed 2 years later. For me, this is a tea from 2015 and not from 2017.

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Traditionally, Liu Bao comes from Guangxi Province and this is also the case for this one. It was produced by the CNNP Wuzhou Tea Factory and the storage is supposed to be very good. Curious to see what the session will bring…

Tea Tasting

  • 6.5g for a 140ml Duanni teapot
  • Water 99°C

The colour of these leaves is a faded kind of black. I see medium-sized leaves with some stems. It looks quite good and uniform as nothing really seems out of place. The aroma has notes of spices, damp wood and a mossy forest floor.

2015 5501 Nanyang Story Zhong Cha Liu Bao

Infusion 1 (20 sec): the colour is dark brown, but not fully black. The dominant flavour is mossy forest floor and it’s slightly creamy as well. I’m also picking up some spices.

Infusion 2 (25 sec): the colour is darker, but there are no big changes in flavours as the mossy forest floor is still dominant. I feel that it’s flowing more into the aftertaste now. There is also a freshness happening, but that might be because of the (lack of) age. Slightly creamy as well.

Infusion 3 (30 sec): it’s darker, but not completely dark. There is camphor coming through and the mossy flavours are a bit less intense. There is a still a slumbering creaminess noticeable.

Infusion 4 (35 sec): the colour is not changing much anymore. The creaminess is more prominent and camphor is also present. I’m also feeling a kind of freshness.

Infusion 5 (45 sec): the freshness has disappeared and the mossy forest floor is back in the finish and aftertaste. I’m really starting to feel the Qi of these leaves now.

Infusion 6 (long): no big changes as it’s very similar to infusion 5. However, it’s creamier than the previous infusion. I’m also still feeling the freshness.

Infusion 7 (long): the freshness has disappeared. The main flavour is camphor that goes on well into the aftertaste.


The 2015 5501 Nanyang Story Zhong Cha Liu Bao from Lao Tea Shop was the last Liu Bao I had left from the different samples I ordered a while back and it was a good one to end with.

It was quite fresh, but that might be because it’s not that old right now. This lack of age was not really a problem because it was a good session.

It had a certain creaminess in combination with mossy forest floor and camphor in some infusions. Time will tell, but I think this one has potential to become fantastic. It’s solid already, but time might make it even better.

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