Liu Bao Tea Benefits

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Liu Bao tea is becoming increasingly popular in the west. It has already been drunk for centuries in China, Malaysia, and Hong Kong and one of the reasons for this is the many health benefits Liu Bao tea has. This article discusses the most important health benefits of Liu Bao tea.

The most important health benefit of Liu Bao tea is that it aids digestion. Liu Bao contains vitamin B3, which allows for easier conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and helps to relieve fatigue. Liu Bao tea also has both warming and cooling properties.

Health benefits of Liu Bao tea

Liu Bao (or Liu Pao) is a fermented tea from Guangxi province. This means that it’s characterized by fermentation. Liu Bao is artificially fermented during production, which results in (almost) fully fermented tea leaves before they are stored.

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After the fermentation process, there is still microbial activity in the leaves so it keeps changing and improving with age. These microbes are partly responsible for the many health benefits of this subtype of dark/fermented tea.

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

Recent studies have shown that Liu Bao not only contains amino acids and vitamins but there are also enzymes that help decompose fat quicker than other teas. This implies that some compounds will be eliminated more quickly, resulting in lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and you being healthier in general.

Helps with digestion of fatty food

There is evidence in writing from the Qing Dynasty that people believed in the digestive properties of Liu Bao. Cheng Yuandao even mentioned in one of his poems:

‘The mountains are piled high with Liu Bao tea; it regulates digestion wonderfully.’

Cheng Yuandao (Qing Dynasty)

Liu Bao tea has been really popular in Asia and is usually drunk with, before, or after heavy meals. The microbial activity in the tea is the main reason why Liu Bao has some probiotic properties. It can soothe the stomach and restore balance when you’re not feeling well.

When you drink it after a heavy meal, the microbes help with the digestion of the food and it’s a lot easier on the stomach than shou pu-erh. Some reports claim that Liu Bao contains a decent amount of vitamin B3. This allows for the easier conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, which aids digestion.

Relieving fatigue

Just like other types of tea, there is caffeine in Liu Bao tea. Drinking this kind of tea will make you feel energized without feeling anxious or overactive. Liu Bao also contains theanine, which works well in combination with caffeine as it mitigates the negative aspects of caffeine.

The effect of caffeine won’t be as intense when drinking Liu Bao, but you will experience this feeling for longer. The peak isn’t as high and you experience it more evenly.

Most people prefer this because it’s not as intense. This results in a state of ‘mindful alertness‘ where you have an increased cognitive awareness without being overactive.

Liu Bao is soothing for the stomach so it’s gentler than your daily cup(s) of coffee in the morning. Replacing them with one (or several) cup(s) of Liu Bao every day will improve the start of your day quite a bit.

Both warming and cooling properties

Liu Bao has been drunk for a very long time because of its medicinal properties. A massive amount of Liu Bao was shipped to Malaysia during the tin mine boom because it helped the miners to survive the harsh working conditions. This is the main reason Liu Bao is seen as a daily commodity in Malaysia.

Due to the chemical compounds in the tea, Liu Bao has a warming effect on the stomach and is capable to reduce internal dampness. The miners had to face harsh circumstances in the big and often damp mines so they had to drink Liu Bao to keep healthy.

It also offers refreshment when you drink it in summer. It’s a type of tea that can be drunk in all climates and weather conditions because of its versatiliy.

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