Shikoku Temple Tea ANMO Tea Adventures

Shikoku Temple Tea Tasting (ANMO)

The Shikoku Temple Tea from ANMO is a Japanese sencha from 2020. It comes from the main Buddhist temple on Tsurugi mountain and is grassy, nutty and sweet.

Sencha Saemidori Kagoshima ANMO Tea Adventures

Sencha Saemidori Kagoshima Tea Tasting (ANMO)

The Sencha Saemidori Kagoshima from ANMO is a truly delicious Japanese green tea. It starts with umami flavours and changes into a sweet fruitiness.

Organic Sencha Kirishima Yabukita Tee Kontor Kiel Tea Adventures

Organic Sencha Kirishima Yabukita Tea Tasting (Tee Kontor Kiel)

The Organic Sencha Kirishima Yabukita from Tee Kontor Kiel is a gentle Japanese sencha. It has a fruity flavour profile with a sweet twist and some umami.

Kuradashi Gyokuru Uji The japanese tea hub Tea Adventures

Kuradashi Gyokuro Uji Tea Tasting (The Japanese Tea Hub)

The Kuradashi Gyokuro Uji from The Japanese Tea Hub is like an Espresso shot full of umami. Besides that, you get some subtle grassy notes as well.

Watanabe Shimadori Kabusecha The Japanese Tea Hub Tea Adventures

Watanabe Shimadori Kabusecha Tea Tasting (The Japanese Tea Hub)

The Watanabe Shimadori Kabusecha from The Japanese Tea Hub is a tea full of umami and candy sweetness. Drinking this one feels delicate and silky smooth.

Masuda Yudi Sencha Nio teas tea Adventures

Masuda YuDi Sencha Tea Tasting (Nio Teas)

Nio Tea’s Masuda Yudi Sencha is a really warming Japanese sencha. It is sweet in combination with a grassy undertone, which makes it perfect for rainy days.

Kaori Black Mei leaf Tea Adventures

Kaori Black Tea Tasting (Mei Leaf)

Mei Leaf’s Kaori Black from Japan is a refreshing tea that starts out malty and slowly changes into a sweet and fruity tea.

Gyokuro cha musume nio teas tea adventures

Gyokuro Cha Musume Tea Tasting (Nio Teas)

Nio Teas’ Gyokuro Cha Musume is an almost perfect tea with an umami flavour profile. You can also taste some hazelnut and a subtle sweetness.

Makinohara Roasted Sencha Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

I did a tea tasting of Curious Tea’s subscription box of January 2019. This article is about the Makinohara Roasted Sencha.



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