How to Brew Liu Bao Tea Adventures

Liu Bao Brewing: How to Brew Liu Bao Tea

Liu Bao is an underappreciated subtype of tea and it is worth exploring. It can be tricky to brew Liu Bao so this article gives a full overview of how to do it.

What Does Liu Bao Taste Like Tea Adventures

What Does Liu Bao Taste Like?

The traditional Liu Bao taste is mainly betel nut, but there is a lot of Liu Bao available with an earthy or forest flavor profile.

Health Benefits of Liu Bao Tea Adventures

Liu Bao Tea Benefits

Liu Bao Tea has been drunk for centuries in Asia for its medicinal qualities. This article discusses the major health benefits of Liu Bao.

Liu Bao vs Pu-erh Tea Tea Adventures

Liu Bao vs. Pu-erh Tea

Liu Bao and pu-erh tea, especially shou pu-erh seem similar at first sight. However, there are some differences and those are discussed in this article.

How to Store Liu Bao Tea Adventures

How to Store Liu Bao Tea

Some people don’t know how to store Liu Bao. This article discusses common practices and several pitfalls to avoid when storing your precious Liu Bao.

2001 Yichang Raw Yiwu Yee on Tea Tea Adventures

2001 Yichang Raw Yiwu Tea Tasting (Yee on Tea)

The 2001 Yichang Raw Yiwu from Yee on Tea is a fantastic aged sheng puerh full of sweet camphor. Camphor is present in the infusion and in the aftertaste.

What is Liu Bao Tea Tea Adventures

What is Liu Bao Tea?

Liu Bao is becoming more popular in the west and has been popular in China and Malaysia for a long time. But what is Liu Bao tea and where does it come from?

Cheap pu-erh and expensive pu-erh tea Tea Adventures

What is the Difference Between Cheap Pu-erh Tea and Expensive Pu-erh Tea?

What makes expensive pu-erh tea expensive and cheap pu-erh cheap? The main differences are discussed in this article and also why cheap(er) pu-erh can be good.

Do You Need to Rinse Pu-erh Tea Tea Adventures

Do You Need to Rinse Pu-erh Tea?

There are several reasons to rinse pu-erh tea before tasting it. Rinsing pu-erh tea has been done for centuries as part of the Chinese tea ceremony.

Why is Pu-erh Tea So Expensive Tea Adventures

Why is Pu-erh Tea So Expensive?

Pu-erh tea has become more popular but why is it so expensive? This article discusses the main reasons why you have to spend quite a bit to buy pu-erh tea.

Why Does Some Pu-erh Taste Fishy Tea Adventures

Why Does Some Pu-erh Tea Taste Fishy?

Pu-erh tea is popular all over the world but some shou pu-erh tastes and smells fishy. This is because trimethylamine is created during artificial fermentation.

How to brew Pu-erh Tea Tea Adventures

How to Brew Pu-erh Tea: Easy Guide

Pu-erh tea is very popular but it can be challenging to brew it. This article offers a complete guide with detailed instructions on how to brew pu-erh tea.

Difference between sheng and shou pu-erh Tea Adventures

What is the Difference Between Sheng and Shou Pu-erh?

The difference between sheng and shou pu-erh is artificial fermentation. Shou pu-erh is artificially fermented during production to speed up the aging process.

What is Gushu Pu-erh Tea Adventures

What is Gushu Pu-erh?

Gushu pu-erh tea is a term that is frequently used to advertise pu-erh tea. This article discusses what it is, why it’s better and why it’s problematic.

1997 Vintage Tieguanyin Nannuoshan Tea Adventures

1997 Vintage Tieguanyin Tea Tasting (Nannuoshan)

The 1997 Vintage Tieguanyin from Nannuoshan is an aged oolong tea that offers a combination of sweet apricots, honey, and some tannic notes here and there.