2006 Xi Zi Hao Ban Po Lao Zhai Puerh.uk Tea Adventures

2006 Xi Zi Hao Ban Po Lao Zhai Tea Tasting (Puerh.uk)

The 2006 Xi Zi Hao Ban Po Lao Zhai from Puerh.uk is a tea with an impressive energy and flavors that remind me of sweet and exotic summer fruits.

Jianshui vs Yixing Teapots Tea Adventures

Yixing vs. Jianshui Teapots

Jianshui Teapots and Yixing teapots are both made from clay? but there are some difference between these two types of clay.

What is a tuo cha Tea Adventures

What is a Tuo Cha?

A tuo cha is a traditional shape of compressed puerh tea. It’s a dome shape that looks like a bird’s nest and a bowl.

2021 Fo Shou Xin An Chu Tea Adventures

2021 Fo Shou Tea Tasting (Xin An Chu)

The 2021 Fo Shou from Xin An Chu is an unusual yancha that offers a combination of pear and toasted notes.

Why are Yixing Teapots so Small Tea Adventures

Why are Yixing Teapots so Small?

There are several reasons why Yixing teapots are smaller than western teapots. They are one of the basic tools of the Chinese Tea ceremony for good reason.

How to Clean an Yixing Teapot Tea Adventures

How to Clean Yixing Teapots

Cleaning an Yixing teapot can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. This article offers a full guide on how to clean your clay teapot.

Do You Need a Teapot To Make Tea Tea Adventures

Can You Make Tea Without a Teapot?

The question if you can make tea without a teapot has a fairly simple answer. You don’t need one, but using a teapot adds depth and complexity to your tea.

Difference between a teapot and a pitcher Tea Adventures

What Is the Difference Between a Teapot and a Pitcher?

A teapot and a pitcher are both used in the Chinese Tea Ceremony, but they have a different purpose. A teapot is used to brew tea while a pitcher is used to serve tea.

Nixing Teapots vs Yixing Teapots Tea Adventures

Nixing Teapots vs. Yixing Teapots

Nixing teapots and Yixing teapots are both clay teapots but there are some differences between them. This article discusses the main differences.

Difference Between a Teapot and a Kettle Tea Adventures

Difference Between a Teapot and a Kettle

A teapot and a tea kettle seem similar at first sight but they have a completely different purpose. This article explains the difference.

What is Duanni Clay Tea Adventures

What is Duanni Clay?

Duanni clay is an umbrella term for a particular type of clay from Yixing. After firing, this clay has a light or yellow-toned color.

Are You Supposed to Wash Your teapot Tea Adventures

Are You Supposed to Wash Your Teapot?

You’re not supposed to wash teapots with soap because unglazed teapots absorb most of what you brew in them. It’s better to use hot water.

Why Are Teapots Expensive Tea Adventures

Why Are Teapots so Expensive?

Yixing teapots are expensive because they are made from a rare type of clay. The older a teapot is, the more expensive it usually is.

How is Liu Bao Tea Processed Tea Adventures

How is Liu Bao Tea Processed?

Liu Bao is a subtype of fermented tea that is made in Guangxi province. This article gives a complete overview of the production process.

Is Liu Bao Black Tea Tea Adventures

Is Liu Bao Black Tea?

The question of whether Liu Bao is black tea or not is an important one to ask because black tea in the west is not the same as black/dark tea in China.