Free Yixing Tea Set!

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Free yixing tea set

Free Yixing Set

Who doesn’t want a free Yixing tea set? I received one about a month ago and I want to make sure a lot of my followers try to get one as well. I’m not gaining anything by this as it is not me who is giving away the teasets. I just found this online store that is giving away sets and I want to share this opportunity with as much people as I can.

What to do?

Umi Tea Sets is currently offering free Yixing sets on their website. Click the following link to go directly to the giveaway:

You only need to do a couple of things in order to get one:

  1. Follow their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram.
  2. Share the page of the giveaway page to your Facebook and Twitter via the buttons on the giveaway page.
  3. You need 58 likes of the post and then you need to email them to show that you have at least 58 likes.

Their email is:

You need to put the following information in your email:

Zip Code:

Umi Tea Sets free Yixing set giveaway

What do you get?

If you do all of the above, you should be expecting a free Yixing tea set. This set includes a teapot, 2 cups, a small wooden tray and a travel bag. It’s not the very best quality and I do not recommend this set for everyday use but it’s really easy to take with you because of the small size and the travel bag.

Umi Tea Sets free Yixing set giveaway Amazon
Umi Tea Sets free Yixing set giveaway Amazon
Umi Tea Sets free Yixing set giveaway Amazon
Umi Tea Sets free Yixing set giveaway Amazon

If you were to buy this set on their website, it would cost you around $47. This set (or almost the same) is also for sale on Amazon for around 21 Pounds.

Umi Tea Sets free Yixing set giveaway Amazon

Is this legit?

How can this be legit? A Yixing tea set? It’s definitely not the best quality but if you can get one for free, why wouldn’t you?

At first, I was a bit sceptical myself about this because it looked a bit shady. I had nothing to lose so I got the likes on Facebook, sent them an email containing my details and was eagerly awaiting their response. I received an email not soon after that they couldn’t ship my set (yet)… I had to give their store a positive review (can’t remember the website) before they would ship it. I gave them a five star rating on that website so they could finally ship my set and 24 hours later, my set was on its way. I received the tracking code via email and I could follow my package.

I received my tea set after 2 weeks and I was really happy with it! I had my doubts but the giveaway was legit and now I have an extra travel set.

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