Spring Break Tea Tasting Sessions

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Spring Break Tea Tasting Sessions

With Spring break right around the corner I got the idea to do a tea session every day and write down my notes about the different teas. I still have a lot of samples so this is a perfect opportunity to review some of them. This post is a sort of overview in which I will link all the separate posts about the different teas.

Tea Tastings

Day 1: 2018 Charlie (White2tea)

Day 2: Genmai Cha (Adagio Teas Europe)

Day 3: Xue Da Wu Ye (Wudong Tea)

Day 4: Sencha Ariake (Palais des Thés)

Day 5: 2015 Wild Tianjian (Exquisite Leaves)

Day 6: Fujian Baroque (Adagio Teas Europe)

Day 7: Organic Milk Oolong (Curious Tea)

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