Jin Guanyin Xiao Zhong Tea Tasting (Moychay)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I received a box full of samples from Moychay. It had been a few days since I had a hong cha (red/black tea) so I picked one at random. This resulted in me trying the Jin Guanyin Xiao Zhong today.

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Jin Guanyin Xiao Zhong

The Jin Guanyin Xiao Zhong is a hong cha (red/black tea) from Fujian Province and they made this tea according to the Xiaozhong technology. I don’t have more information so this is what I have to work with. In the end, this isn’t really an issue and it also makes sure that you don’t have certain expectations of flavours.

The dry leaves have a subtle floral aroma that is buttery and it also has roasted notes to it. It’s a really warming and delicious smell. The leaves themselves are twisted, medium-sized and the colour is a uniform black. 

The aroma of the wet leaves is a bit different as the floral notes are fresher without any roasted notes. It’s really bright and almost smells like summer. The leaves have a dark brown colour and the size is fairly large. 

Tea Tasting

  • 95°C water
  • 5.5g of tea for a 175ml Zisha teapot
  • 1 rinse
  • 6 infusions

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Infusion 1 (15 sec): this one has a fairly standard colour for hong cha. There is a punchy undertone, but it doesn’t come through. I’m definitely getting floral notes and there are also some roasted notes in there. The mouthfeel is warming and a bit spicy as well. A lot is going on at the same time. The aftertaste is sweet, roasted and floral.

Infusion 2 (15 sec): I’m still getting a light punchy undertone. There are less roasted flavours and the floral notes are fresher. There is also a light sweetness, but you have to look for it. It’s mostly the aftertaste that is sweet and long-lasting.

Infusion 3 (15 sec): no real punch anymore as I’m getting more roasted floral notes. The roastedness is not as prominent anymore, but definitely noticeable. The aftertaste is really sweet.

Infusion 4 (20 sec): I’m still experiencing a spicy mouthfeel and I’m also getting roasted and floral flavours. I feel that it’s the fourth infusion already, but it’s still enjoyable. The aftertaste is sweet and floral.

Infusion 5 (30 sec): no big changes and it’s mainly floral. These floral notes change into a sweet finish and aftertaste.

Infusion 6 (long): now the flavours are fading quickly. I’m still getting light floral notes and the aftertaste has a deep and long-lasting sweetness to it.


This tea is simply amazing, especially at this price range. The flavours reminded me a lot of spring and summer. The floral notes were dominant throughout the session, but this wasn’t the only thing I experienced. I also got roasted notes and a deep and long-lasting sweetness in the aftertaste. I can’t say much more than repeating the fact that I really enjoyed this session. If I’m looking for a solid everyday hong cha, this is definitely it!

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Moychay also has a Youtube Channel with useful information and English voice-over. 

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