Why Does My Tea Taste Bad?

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In the last few weeks, work has been incredibly busy. The schools are still closed and teachers are supposed to give online assignments. This is a time consuming, but important task to make sure the students learn as much as they can in these troubled times. While grading assignments all the time, I drank a lot of tea. However, I got the feeling that my tea wasn’t tasting like before. That is why I started thinking…

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What changed?

At first, I thought that tea might have gone bad. Then I thought that that wasn’t really possible because it was a general trend with all of the teas I drank. It’s possible that a particular tea has had its best time, but not 10-15 different teas all at once.

What had changed? I still use the same teaware, I use the same water and I’m still in the same location. I started thinking and I came up with the answer. The thing that had changed was me! I have so much stuff to do that I don’t really take my time for a tea session anymore.

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The schools are still closed so I have to give my students online assignments. However, that is not all of it. When they finish their assignments, I need to grade them and also give some feedback so they know what they did right/wrong. I am definitely not complaining (because it’s what I get paid for), but it’s a lot of work. I want to help the students as much as I can and that is why my free time has decreased a lot.

Once in a while, I need a wake-up call like this to make sure I take some time off from work. That way, I can fully relax and focus on a tea session to get the most out of it. That’s what I did yesterday and everything fell back in its place. To fully enjoy your tea, you need to let in into your life and give it the time and respect it deserves. 

  1. Hello Peter! Thank you so much for your content! It is such a surprise to stumble upon a tea blog dedicated to tea from Belgium! My boyfriend and I started to explore tea in 2020. We live in Brussels and do not know tea heads personally here! It is lovely to read your articles, thank you again!

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