Why Are Tea Bloggers Important?

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Why blog about tea? Aren’t there other niches that are far more successful? Some people (including me) write about tea simply because it’s something they like to do. Tea is a broad topic, but most people choose to write about specific aspects of tea like puerh, for example. This implies that they will reach even less people by focusing on such specific topics. So why on earth are tea bloggers important?

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What is a Tea Blogger?

Before discussing the importance, it’s vital to establish a definition so everyone is on the same level. For me, a tea blogger is someone who blogs about tea or tea-related topics. Nothing extraordinary yet, but I do think it’s important to specify a bit more. Another important aspect to take into account is that for me, a tea blogger doesn’t sell tea. A lot of online tea shops also have a blog on their website, but I do not consider them proper tea bloggers. Most of the content they write has to do with items they sell. In this way, some advertisements might be disguised as articles, despite providing high quality content.

Why are Tea Bloggers Important?

Now you know what I mean when I talk about tea bloggers, it’s time to discuss their importance. There are numerous reasons why one could value a tea blogger, but I will only focus on three aspects: they describe flavours they experience while drinking a particular tea, they spread tea knowledge and tea culture and they also offer a community of people who share the same passion.

Describing Flavours

One of the most useful aspects of tea blogs is that you can browse different articles and read about teas they’ve had. If you’re looking for specific flavours or if you are unable to buy lots of samples yourself, reviews about teas can provide you with the information you need. Tea bloggers are not in it for the money so if you’re reading a blog that has been around for a while, you can expect they have no reason to lie about the tea they’re reviewing. Sometimes they get samples for free, but it’s fair to assume that if they don’t like the tea, they won’t write about it. There is (usually) nothing in it for them if they promote a tea they didn’t like themselves. If they don’t get samples for free, they have even less reason to lie because they bought the tea themselves. If you bought something and you didn’t like it, would you lie about it?

Spreading Tea Culture and Knowledge

Another aspect why tea bloggers are so important is the fact that they spread tea knowledge and tea culture. If you’re just getting into the world of loose leaf tea, it can be helpful to get a few sources where you can learn the basics. Once you know the basics, you can find your own way. The basics are really important because you will be overwhelmed if you immediately read a book about puerh tea, for example. Before you can run, you need to walk, right?

I know that you can also buy books that offer basic information about tea (like this one), but buying a book costs money and you have to go to the store or wait a couple of days when you order it online. If you decide to read a tea blog, you have all the information you need in the comfort of your own home. Together with Youtube, tea blogs are full of useful information for new teaheads and even for veterans in the world of tea.


Tea blogs are also part of a larger community. If you really like something, it’s always nice to read about it and to know that other people like the same thing. It’s also the perfect way to meet new people and to connect with others who share the same passion. It creates a feeling of unity and it can be enriching if you talk to other people about something you love. If you want to take it a step further, social media takes this to another level and makes it even easier to communicate with like-minded people. From my own experiences, reading tea blogs and reaching out to those people has helped me a lot, both in learning about tea and making tea friends.

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Tea bloggers play an important role in the experience of loose leaf tea. They choose to write for a relatively small audience, but they are really useful for the small group of supporters. A tea blogger gives his/her opinion about different teas after drinking them. If you’re looking for a tea with a nutty flavour profile, why not browse through different reviews on a tea blog? In addition to this, new people greatly benefit from tea blogs because there is a lot of useful information available online for free. Most blogs guide new people and take the first steps together so they can find their own way later. Tea blogs are also part of a larger community of people who share the same passion. Communicating with people who love the same thing is an enriching experience and creates a feeling of unity. Overall, tea blogs are definitely relevant in 2020 and if you are up for it, they also add an extra dimension to your tea adventures.

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