How to Get Started With Gong Fu Cha

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As a follow-up to a recent article about what you need to start Gong Fu Cha, it was time to tell you exactly how you can get started for under 20 USD. If you haven’t read the other article, you can do so over here. The one you’re reading right now is filled with specific links to very cheap teaware to get you started.

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Brewing Vessel

As I mentioned in the other article, the first thing you need is a brewing vessel. When you’re first starting out, a gaiwan is probably the best option because they can be really cheap and are easy to use. I suggest buying one of around 80-120ml as this is a good size for solo brewing.

The best way to start your Gong Fu Cha adventure is to buy a cheap ceramic or porcelain gaiwan on Aliexpress, for example. A porcelain brewing vessel can be used for every type of tea so if you’re happy with that, it can be your brewing vessel for the rest of your life. However, chances are rather small that you’ll stick with that piece of teaware once you discover the immense depth of clay teaware.

I browsed Aliexpress for a while and found several decent gaiwans for around 10 USD:

Gaiwan 1

Gaiwan 2


These links are a good starting point, but there are literally thousand and one different gaiwans available. Take your time and pick the right one.

Don’t know where to buy tea online? I made a page on the website with over 200 online shops and I keep updating it regularly. You can check it over here

Tea Cup

In order to keep things as simple as possible, we will be pouring from the gaiwan straight into the cup. The only thing you need is a cup that is bigger than your gaiwan. You could also use a rice bowl or something silmilar, but a beautiful cup is always more enjoyable to drink from.

I found some good cups at a reasonable price. Just like with the gaiwans, there are a lot of different possibilities and these links are only a starting point. Keep in mind that your cup has to be bigger than your gaiwan, otherwise this won’t work.

Cup 1

Cup 2

These cups are also from Aliexpress, which is OK because you’re just starting out and you’re looking for porcelain/ceramic teaware. If you’re looking for clay teaware, you should stay away from websites like this one.

Tea Set

If you want, you could also go for a tea set which includes a gaiwan, fairness cup and some cups. However, these are usually not as good compared to buying a gaiwan and cup separately. I have bought several of these sets and they were a bit cheaper, but the quality is lower. That is why I suggest buying a gaiwan and cup you like and you’re good to go. You should be able to start your Gong Fu practise for less than 20 USD.

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