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It’s Wednesday today so that means time for another article in which I discuss a tea-related topic. Youtube is a useful source of information for a lot of things and tea is one of those things. When I started out drinking loose leaf tea, I watched youtube videos and read books to discover how to approach this subject. If I’m really honest, watching Youtube videos was much more enjoyable than reading long books. That is why I made a list of several tea Youtube channels that produce good tea-related content to spread knowledge as much as possible.

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Best Tea Youtube Channels

As mentioned above, Youtube has a lot of useful information for people who are interested in tea. If you know where to look, you have an (almost) endless supply of content to watch on the train, on your couch or during one of your tea sessions. That is why I came up with the idea to list several tea Youtube channels that provide quality content. Keep in mind that these channels are mostly run by people who sell tea, so it’s possible that some videos are more or less advertisements for a product they are offering. If you look past this, most videos also teach you something like tea production, brewing tea, storing tea, … The channels are in no particular order because I think they all offer a unique view on loose leaf tea.

Mei Leaf

One of the most famous tea shops in the world and the biggest tea Youtube channel out there. Their older videos (and some of their more recent ones as well) talk about different aspects of tea brewing, tea production and the history of some teas. Most recent videos are usually showcase videos about the teas they’re selling. Once you start browsing their content, you won’t get bored and have videos for days!


A relatively small and new Youtube channel run by Gabriele from Nannuoshan, a tea company based in Berlin. You can find videos about a lot of different topics like Yixing teaware, books about tea, different puerh regions, … I really enjoy the videos because you feel that he knows what he’s talking about.

Global Tea Hut

This Youtube channel is exceptional in every possible way. It’s more focused on the spiritual aspect of tea. There are also videos about the different traditions of preparing tea, choosing water for tea, different ways of heating your water, … Definitely recommended for people who are looking to deepen their understanding of tea and its effect on human beings.

Sergey Moychay

This is also a fairly new Youtube channel about tea. Moychay is (one of?) the biggest tea shop(s) in Russia and they now have a Youtube channel with English voiceover. There are not that many videos yet, but the ones that are on the channel are very informative. It’s mostly VLOG-style videos about different sourcing trips in China. I particularly like the fact that that you can admire the landscapes of the different regions in some of their videos.


This one is different from the other four channels because this one doesn’t sell tea. It’s just two guys that drink tea and discuss it in their videos. It’s mostly focused on puerh, but they drink other teas as well. It’s very informative to learn about puerh and puerh storage in the West. In addition to this, some of their videos are just really funny to watch. 

Tea House Ghost

This is a really informative tea Youtube channel because it offers a free online course about the main elements of Gong Fu Cha. So Han has a tea house located in Austin (Texas) but it doesn’t feel like he is advertising the products he is selling.

I’m pretty sure everyone can learn a thing or two by watching So Han’s videos. A full and free online tea course, who wouldn’t want that?!

The Tea Crane

The Tea Crane is another tea Youtube channel that focuses on loose leaf tea. Tyas Sōsen is a guy who is currently living in Japan and specialises in Japanese green tea. He is the first Belgian certified Japanese tea instructor and tea ceremony teacher in the Enshū school.

These are mostly titles, but he clearly knows what he is talking about. His videos have a lot of information about Japanese green tea in general (sencha, matcha, Gyokuro, …). He also makes videos about the teas he is selling and that are part of his monthly tea club. The videos are definitely worth it if you’re interested in Japanese green tea.

Farmer Leaf

The Youtube channel from Farmer Leaf is mostly focused on puerh production. There are some really interesting videos on subjects that are more difficult to learn about in the West. Broader and more philosophical subjects are also discussed in their relation to tea.

Most of the videos are rather long so perfect to watch/listen to while you are drinking tea.

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