What is Gushu Pu-erh Tea Adventures

What is Gushu Pu-erh?

Gushu pu-erh tea is a term that is frequently used to advertise pu-erh tea. This article discusses what it is, why it’s better and why it’s problematic.

2019 Berlin Flows Gushu Xiantea Tea Adventures

2019 Berlin Flows Ailao Gushu Tea Tasting (Xian Tea)

The 2019 Berlin Flows Ailao Gushu from Xian Tea is really sweet with dominant notes of red summer fruits. This went on long into the aftertaste.

Best Teas of 2020 Tea Adventures

Best Teas of 2020

In this article, you have an overview of the best teas of 2020. All the teas on this list have affected me in any way so I really enjoyed drinking them.

2004 Yibang Gushu Lao Tea Shop Tea Adventures

2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Tea Tasting (Lao Tea Shop)

The 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu from Lao Tea Shop was good but subtle. I got a combination of dark honey and sour apples.

2016 Yiwu Wang Bing Gushu Featured Tea Adventures

2016 Yiwu Wang Bing Gushu Tea Tasting (Tee Kontor Kiel)

The 2016 Yiwu Wang Bing Gushu is a sweet and tannic tea with impressive energy. In a few years time, it will be less tannic and have the perfect Yiwu sweetness.

Yiwu Gushu Sheng 2008 Tee Kontor Kiel Tea Adventures

Yiwu Gushu Sheng 2008 Tea Tasting (Tee Kontor Kiel)

Tee Kontor Kiel’s Yiwu Gushu Sheng 2008 is a true gem. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and fruit with a long-lasting aftertaste.

2016 Hekai Tea Adventures

GuShu HeKai 16 Tea Tasting (’s GuShu HeKai ’16 is a wonderful sheng puer that takes you on an adventure. Flavours go from sweet to herbaceous and back to a fruity sweetness.

Bai Yin Shan Yesheng Tea Encounter Tea Adventures

Bai Yin Shan Yesheng Tea Tasting (Tea Enounter)

Tea Encounter’s Bai Yin Shan Yesheng is both refreshing and warming. It has complex flavours that go from fresh and green to a warming and subtle sweetness.

2016 Gushu Naka puerhsk

GuShu NaKa 2016 Tea Tasting (

A GuShu NaKa from 2016 is a Sheng Puerh tea that combines bitter and sweet. The sweetness goes back and forth between the different steeps.