6 Tea Shops Where You Can Buy Liu Bao

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If you have been following me on Instagram, you already know that I have been drinking a lot of Liu Bao the last few weeks. I don’t know why, but this tea has a special effect on me. Not only the experience of drinking it, but the tea itself fascinates me. This might be because it’s a rather unknown tea in the West. I just want to buy Liu Bao and discover it step by step.

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A big part of learning about tea is drinking it. This can be an issue if you don’t know where to buy the tea you want to learn about. When I started drinking Liu Bao, it took me a while to find some respectable tea shops that sell it. Now I want to share this knowledge so you can also learn and discover this magnificent dark tea (heicha). Below, you have a list of 6 tea shops where you can buy Liu Bao.

If you want to go directly to a store’s website to buy Liu Bao (or something else), just click the name.

Essence of Tea

Essence of Tea is an online tea shop based in China and offers a wide variety of tea and teaware. They sell antique cups, Yixing teapots and some other teaware. They mainly sell puerh, hong cha, yancha and Liu Bao.

They have some pretty impressive aged Liu Bao for sale from the 1950s and 1960s. This won’t come as a surprise, but this is really expensive and out of reach for most of us.

Luckily, they also have some more affordable Liu Bao for sale. A Liu Bao I really recommend is the ‘4 Gold Coins’ from 2005.

Lao Tea Shop

This is a European based tea shop and is one of my favourite places to buy Liu Bao in Europe. They also sell a small amount of teaware and other teas.

They sell around 15 different Liu Bao teas in sample size so it’s perfect if you want to try some things. Again, the ‘4 Gold Coins’ from 1999 is a very good choice.

Chanting Pines

A famous online tea shop that ships from Malaysia, the place to buy Liu Bao. In addition to Liu bao, they also sell Yixing teapots, antique teaware and puerh.

If you go to their website, you will see they also have an impressive collection of Liu Bao. They have aged tea from the 1950s, 1970s and 1980s and more affordable modern Liu Bao.

Purple Cloud Tea House

This tea shop is based in Auburn, California and sells a massive amount of Liu Bao, in addition to some other teas and teaware.

You can buy samples here, or you can also buy Liu Bao in 1kg bags or baskets. The owner is very helpful and I’m sure you can work something out if you want to order a specific amount.


Moychay is an Russian tea shop that offers a huge variety of tea and teaware. They also sell several different Liu Bao teas and you can choose to buy samples first.

You cannot buy famous vintages here, but it’s good if you’re starting out because there are some pretty good teas at an affordable price.

Cha Wang Shop

This is another tea shop where you can buy a lot of Liu Bao. They are based in Kunming in China’s Yunnan province. They have a wide variety of teas and teaware available.

The thing why this shop is on this list is its massive selection of Liu Bao. You just have to check it out to believe it… They might have the biggest selection of Liu Bao that is easily available to people in Europe and the USA. They offer different quantities and samples of a lot of their teas.

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