2019 Green Hype white2tea Tea Adventures

2019 Green Hype Tea Tasting Year 1 (white2tea)

After one year, the 2019 Green Hype has changed quite a bit. It starts out sweet with a citrus touch and changes into a more bitter brew towards the end.

Pine sap lapsang white2tea Tea Adventures

Pine Sap Lapsang Tea Tasting (white2tea)

White2tea’s Pine Sap Lapsang is a lapsang souchong that was roasted over pinewood. It’s a basic tea that offers flavours of smoked charcoal.

If you're reading this white2tea Tea Adventures

If You’re Reading This Tea Tasting (white2tea)

Brewing White2tea’s If You’re Reading This was a challenging experience. It offered sweet and floral notes and had more bitter flavours in the middle.

Chuan Bai white2tea tea adventures

Chuan Bai Tea Tasting (white2tea)

White2tea’s Chuan Bai is a mysterious tea. Flavours range from sweet to green. You feel that more is going on but it’s difficult to say what exactly.

2015 gongmei white2tea tea adventures

2015 Gongmei Tea Tasting (white2tea)

White2tea’s 2015 Gongmei is a typical aged white. Affordable everyday drinker with subtle flavours of hay, spices and a light sweetness.

26 hour roast milan maocha dancong white2tea Tea Adventures

26 Hour Roast Milan Maocha Tea Tasting (white2tea)

The 26 Hour Roast Milan Maocha from white2tea’s March 2019 tea club is deep. Warm honey in combination with a fruity and floral sweetness.

Lapsang souchong white2tea tea adventures

White2tea Club July 2019: Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong

Tasting unsmoked Lapsang Souchong teas from white2tea’s 2019 July tea club. Traditional, Fruit Bomb and Herby Lapsang Souchongs are definitely not the same.

2019 Green Hype white2tea Tea Adventures

2019 Green Hype Tea Tasting (white2tea)

The 2019 Green Hype was featured in white2tea’s tea club for June 2019. It’s a sheng Puerh tea with plenty of aged maocha. Is it the perfect daily sheng?

The Thing Still Is white2tea tea adventures

The Thing Still Is ______ Tea Tasting (white2tea)

Tasting session of the white2tea club May tea! A Sheng Puer cake that will improve through ageing. The Thing Still Is ______!

2018 Charlie white2tea

Spring Break Session #1: 2018 Charlie (White2tea)

Tea tasting of white2tea’s January 2019 tea club tea. Woody and earthy flavours in combination with medicinal notes.