Premium Wuyi Big red robe Hey China Tea Adventures

Premium Wuyi Big Red Robe Tea Tasting (Hey China)

The Premium Wuyi Big Red Robe from Hey China is a mellow, floral and sweet tea. Towards the end, it had pleasant energy and a warming body sensation.

Da Hong Pao Teasenz Tea Adventures

Da Hong Pao Tea Tasting (Teasenz)

The Da Hong Pao from Teasenz is a nice tea with an insanely sweet and intense aftertaste. From a prominent candy sweetness to more floral and buttery flavours.

2019 Formosa Dong Ding Qingxin traditional Tee Kontor Kiel Tea Adventures

2019 Formosa Dong Ding Qingxin Traditional Tea Tasting (Tee Kontor Kiel)

The 2019 Formosa Dong Ding Qingxin Traditional from Tee Kontor Kiel is a solid oolong tea that offers floral flavours with roasted notes and a sour edge.

2018 Winter duck shit oolong the tea guru Tea Adventures

2018 Winter Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong Tea Tasting (The Tea Guru)

The Tea Guru’s 2018 Winter Duck Shit Aroma Dan Cong is a really light tea. If you pay attention, you’re rewarded with a soft fruitiness and subtle honey.

GABA Grape oolong Tea Joint Tea Adventures

Taiwanese GABA Grape Oolong Tea Tasting (Tea Joint)

Tea Joint’s Taiwanese GABA Grape Oolong has flavours that like to play hide and seek. Roasted cherries and fresh appels take turns in showing themselves.

Wu Dong Mi Lan Xiang tea adventures

Wu Dong Mi Lan Xiang Tea Tasting (Wudong Tea)

Wu Dong Mi Lan Xiang is a tea that combines bitterness and sweetness. The flavours change from bitter in the beginning to an exotic sweetness at the end.

gui fei oolong thetea.pl tea adventures

Songboling Roasted Jin Xuan Gui Fei Tea Tasting (Thetea.pl)

Thetea.pl’s Songboling Roasted Jin Xuan Gui Fei is a tea that just rolls down your throat. Flavours of roasted and buttery honey with a sweetness in the finish.

red water oolong the tea guru tea adventures

2018 Red Water Oolong (The Tea Guru)

The 2018 Red Water Oolong from The Tea Guru is a highly oxidised tea from Taiwan. It combines buttery maltiness and sweetness with floral notes in between.

dong ding oolong

Dong Ding Oolong

A famous name when talking about tea is Dong Ding. What does this mean and where does it come from? What is it that makes this tea special?

Lu Yan Xiang Wudpng Tea Adventures

Lu Yan Xiang Tea Tasting (Wudong Tea)

Lu Yan Xiang or magnolia flower fragrance is a Dan Cong oolong tea from Chaozhou Province. The buttery magnolias will take you to faraway flower gardens.

Makinohara Benifuki Oolong curious tea tea adventures

Makinohara Benifuki Oolong Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

The Makinohara Benifuki oolong is a tea that is unlike any other oolong tea I have drunk before. It’s a green oolong with a vegetal flavour profile in combination with floral notes.

Darjeeling Gopaldhara Maharaja Curiois Tea Tea adventures

Darjeeling Gopaldhara Maharaja Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

A second Flush Darjeeling oolong tea that tastes like a black tea with a slice of lemon. Darjeeling Gopaldhara Maharaja is an interesting tea that offers a combination of pleasant flavours.

Organic Milk Oolong curious tea tea adventures

Spring Break Session #7: Organic Milk Oolong (Curious Tea)

Tasting an organic and unflavoured milk oolong from Curious Tea. It’s a subtle but really delicious oolong tea from Taiwan.

Xue Da Wu Ye Wudong Tea tea adventures

Spring Break Session #3: Xue Da Wu Ye (Wudong Teas) ​

Tasting a rather unknown Dan Cong oolong tea proves to be the best idea I’ve had in a long time! Buttery asparagus with floral notes: perfect combination!

Gui fei oolong curious tea

Gui Fei Oolong Tea Tasting(Curious Tea)

I did a tea tasting of a Gui Fei oolong. Amazing tea that combines floral, woody and honey notes into something special.