What is the Difference between Black Tea and Puerh Tea?

Black tea, red tea, puerh tea, and dark tea are often used to talk about tea. However, not everyone knows what they refer to. This article offers a complete overview of the difference between black tea and puerh tea.

Is Liu Bao Black Tea Tea Adventures

Is Liu Bao Black Tea?

The question of whether Liu Bao is black tea or not is an important one to ask because black tea in the west is not the same as black/dark tea in China.

2017 Hou Qinqiang Fu Zhuan Tea Joint Tea Adventures

2017 Hou Qinqiang Fu Zhuan Tea Tasting (Tea Joint)

The 2017 Hou Qinqiang Fu Zhuan from Tea Joint is a sweet and spicy tea with a calming effect. It’s perfect to drink when it’s snowing outside.

Liu Bao in Antique Qing teacup Tea Adventures

My Quest for Liu Bao

Over the course of the last few months, I have been reading and learning more about Liu Bao tea. It’s far less popular than Puerh tea so I really had to look for a good tea shop in Europe.

Hong Fu Jin Zhuan Moychay Tea Adventures

Hong Fu Jin Zhuan Tea Tasting (Moychay)

Moychay’s Hong Fu Jin Zhuan is a hei cha from Anhua in Hunan Province. It’s a warming and sweet tea with some fruity notes and a hint of medicinal flavours.

2009 Liu Bao Nannuoshan

2009 Liubao Tea Tasting (Nannuoshan)

Nannuoshan’s 2009 Liubao is a tea that doesn’t want to let go. It’s mainly dry wood, but the texture is rich and full-bodied. You just can’t stop drinking.

2015 Liubao Shu Cha Moychay Tea Adventures

2015 Liubao Shu Cha Tea Tasting (Moychay)

Moychay’s 2015 Liubao Shu Cha is an excellent daily Liu Bao tea. The early infusions were syrupy, creamy and sweet. Herbal notes were present in all steeps.

2017 Qianliang Little Cubes Exquisite Leaves Tea Adventures

2017 Qianliang Little Cubes Tea Tasting (Exquisite Leaves)

Tea session of Exquisite Leaves’ 2017 Qianliang Little Cubes. It’s one of the top quality dark teas (heicha) from Anhua in Hunan Province.