Curious Tea

gopaldhara sencha curious tea tea adventures

Darjeeling Gopaldhara Sencha Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

The Darjeeling Gopaldhara Sencha is a green tea from Mirik Valley in Darjeeling. Its smoky character with notes of tobacco make this an unusual green tea.

wenshan baozhong curious tea tea adventures

Wen Shan Bao Zhong Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

Wen Shan Bao Zhong is a green oolong tea from Taiwan. It’s a crossbreed between a fresh green and a floral oolong as it offers the best of both worlds.

Makinohara Benifuki Oolong curious tea tea adventures

Makinohara Benifuki Oolong Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

The Makinohara Benifuki oolong is a tea that is unlike any other oolong tea I have drunk before. It’s a green oolong with a vegetal flavour profile in combination with floral notes.

Long Jing West Lake

Long Jing West Lake vs. Long Jing Ming Qian

Horizontal session of two Long Jing teas: Long Jing West Lake and Long Jing Ming Qian. Two samples of the same tea that come from different locations.

Zhang Ping Shui Xian Floral tea adventures

Zhang Ping Shui Xian Floral Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

I tasted the Zhang Ping Shui Xian Floral, which is an unusual oolong tea that was pressed into small bricks and I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of floral sweetness and honey.

Qing Xin Gan Zi curious tea tea adventures

Qing Xin Gan Zi Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

A subtle Taiwanese green tea made from the Qing Xin Gan Zi cultivar. This results in an interesting combination of sweetness, roasted nuts and green flavours.

Darjeeling Gopaldhara Maharaja Curiois Tea Tea adventures

Darjeeling Gopaldhara Maharaja Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

A second Flush Darjeeling oolong tea that tastes like a black tea with a slice of lemon. Darjeeling Gopaldhara Maharaja is an interesting tea that offers a combination of pleasant flavours.

Lu an gua pian Curious Tea tea adventures

Lu An Gua Pian Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

Lu An Gua Pian (or Melon Seed) is a delicious green tea with vegetal notes that transform into a soft creaminess. It is Spring in your teapot.

Organic Milk Oolong curious tea tea adventures

Spring Break Session #7: Organic Milk Oolong (Curious Tea)

Tasting an organic and unflavoured milk oolong from Curious Tea. It’s a subtle but really delicious oolong tea from Taiwan.

Gui fei oolong curious tea

Gui Fei Oolong Tea Tasting(Curious Tea)

I did a tea tasting of a Gui Fei oolong. Amazing tea that combines floral, woody and honey notes into something special.

Yuchi Assamica Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

Tea tasting of the black tea in Curious Tea’s January subscription box. What did I think about the Yuchi Assamica black tea?

Four Seasons Red Oolong Tea Tasting (Curious tea)

What did I think about Curious Tea’s Four Seasons Red Oolong? Read the article to find out.

Xue ya snow bud white tea curious tea

Xue Ya Snow Bud Tea Tasting (Curious Tea)

A tea tasting of Curious Tea’s Xue Ya Snow Bud white tea. A complex tea that does not want to share all of its wisdom. Read the article to find out why!

Alishan oolong Curious Tea Tea Adventures

Alishan Competition Qing Xin Oolong (Curious Tea)

What did I think about Curious Tea’s Alishan Competition Qing Xin Oolong tea? I did a proper tea tasting and the results are tasty!