2022 Zhanglang Gushu Shengcha (Banna House)

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2022 Zhanglang Sheng Banna House Tea Adventures

I still have several samples from Banna House and I was in the mood for young sheng puerh. The one I picked for today’s session is the 2022 Zhanglang Gushu. The leaves looked so good so it was a pretty easy decision.

2022 Zhanglang Gushu

This is a spring 2022 sheng puerh from Zhanglang, which is located in Xisuangbanna. The leaves come from tea trees that are around 300 years old, which is pretty old.

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Tea tasting

  • Water 99-95°C
  • 5g for an 80ml gaiwan

The leaves are massive and have a dark olive-green color. Some leaves are dark brown and there are some stems in the mix as well. The aroma has a touch of citrus to it and I’m also getting wood with something fruity.

Infusion 1 (10 sec): I only did a 10 sec infusion because they told me to do shorter infusions than I did last time. I also used more tea than I usually do for this amount of water. The color is light yellow/beige, almost like champagne. Subtle infusion but I’m getting some traces of citrus and dry wood. The citrus shines through in the aftertaste, which lasts pretty long.

Infusion 2 (12 sec): the color looks more yellow and the liquor looks thicker. I feel the citrus is more prominent and there is also a certain sweetness in the undertone.

Infusion 3 (12 sec): there is a certain freshness present that reminds me of walking through a forest of fir trees while it’s snowing. It’s almost Christmas and this tea shares that feeling. It offers a kind of crisp freshness you might experience when snow touches your face. The aftertaste feels fruity with a fresh touch of citrus.

Infusion 4 (15 sec): the aftertaste is still full of citrus and there is something fruity/sweet as well. It starts on a slightly bitter note, but this quickly becomes sweet. It’s also a bit astringent.

Infusion 5 (15 sec): I did another 15 sec infusion because I felt I didn’t feel I had to increase the infusion length yet. It’s similar, but the bitter note is more subtle and it feels sweeter right from the start. The aftertaste feels warming in my throat and has a fruity touch to it. It reminds me of homemade strawberry jam.

Infusion 6 (15 sec): this infusion is great. It’s sweet right from the start and this continues into the finish. The aftertaste feels fruity and it is a tiny bit astringent.

Infusion 7 (20 sec): it’s similar to the previous infusion and it’s really enjoyable. It feels smooth and delicate, almost like a good champagne.


Young sheng sometimes affects my stomach because it’s too fresh, but that was not the case with this tea. It was fresh and this freshness was pleasant and felt smooth. Nothing harsh or too fresh, only an enjoyable and refreshing sweetness.

Zhanglang Gushu Shengcha 2022

  • Location: Zhanglang (章朗), Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, China (1600-2000 m.a.s.l.)
  • Harvest: Spring 2022, Bulang minority (布朗)
  • Cultivar: Camellia Assamica, big leaves (大叶)
  • Type: Unfermented sheng puer tea (生茶)
  • Age: 300 years old tea trees (古树)

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