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Dew Drop Jasmine (Mei leaf)

Dew drop jasmine Mei leaf Tea Adventures

Tea tasting #2: Dew Drop Jasmine (Mei leaf)

For my second tea tasting of the new year, I wanted to do a proper tasting of my favourite type of tea: green tea! Last October, I went to London and visited Mei Leaf’s teahouse. While I was there, I took advantage of the opportunity and bought several different teas. One of these teas is Dew Drop Jasmine.

Green tea is my favourite type of tea so I really wanted to do a green tea tasting. I usually drink green teas with roasted and/or nutty flavours so Dew Drop Jasmin is a tea I don’t drink that often. That is why this tea was perfect to do a proper tea tasting about. In the end, I got some mixed feelings so I’m not really convinced that this is a tea I want to buy again.

Dew Drop Jasmine (Mo Li Mao Jian)

Like I said, this tea is one of the teas that you can buy in the Mei Leaf teahouse or online store. This particular batch is from Spring 2018 and comes from Fujian Province in China. The picking is one bud and one or two leaves. On Mei Leaf’s website, the tea is described as “sweet jasmine and warm honey with delicate, bitter herbaceous notes.” (link)

This is a screenshot from google maps. The red dot shows the location where the tea comes from. It comes from Fuding in Fujian Province, China.

Jasmine green tea

How does one make green jasmine tea? For this tea, Mao Jian green tea leaves are used in combination with freshly picked jasmine flowers. The green tea leaves are mixed with thousands of jasmine flowers and are left overnight to infuse. After one night, the producers take away all the jasmine flowers to stop the infusion. The producer repeats this process several times until the desired level of scenting is achieved. This is done over the course of one or two weeks.

Tea tasting

Brewing details

  • Water 80°C
  • 5g of tea leaves for 150ml glass teapot
  • 1 rinse
  • 8 steeps (15 sec + 5 sec for each steep)

Before rinse

The smell of the dry leaves is just jasmine flowers. Nothing more, nothing less.

After rinse

After the rinse, the smell was quite something! Light jasmine notes, followed by warm honey and even a light grassy finish.


1st steep: While drinking the first cup, I got jasmine flowers in combination with the flavour of vegetal green leaves. Starts with a heavy green taste followed by light jasmine notes.

2nd steep: only light green notes at the start followed by light jasmine flowers. No heavy aftertaste; only a few notes of green leaves.

3rd steep: I immediately got heavy green notes again at the start. This particular flavour stays throughout the whole steep but you also get some light jasmine notes. The jasmine flowers do not stay long so this steep is mainly green flavours. During this steep, the leaves start to become more astringent so I immediately get a dry mouth after finishing my cup.

4th steep: I got a lot less green notes at the start while getting more jasmine flavour. I would describe it as a medium jasmine flavour, a slight jasmine aftertaste and even some slight floral notes throughout this steep. During this steep, I also got a cooling sensation on my tongue.

5th steep: some light green notes with a heavy jasmine flavour followed by a really astringent and green finish.

6th steep: during this steep, I got jasmine flowers from the start and this diminished gradually. Nothing heavy just light and pleasant flavours.

7th steep: from the start, I immediately got a cooling sensation on the tongue. I got light jasmine notes from the start that gradually diminish. The big difference with steep 6 is that I got hit by a really green aftertaste.

8th steep: this is definitely the last steep. Only a light jasmine flavour. Nothing major at the start and only a light jasmine flavour in the middle, which dies out slowly.

1st steep

2nd steep

3rd steep

4th steep

5th steep

6th steep

7th steep

8th steep


I really like green tea but this one is definitely not my favourite. I liked the jasmine taste but the green flavours were too intense for me. Is it possible that I overbrewed these leaves? I took steeps of 15 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 35 – 40 – 45 – 50 seconds. I’m planning on doing another tasting of this tea in a few months to see if it was because of steeping length or just because it’s not my cup of tea (pun intended).

I expected a bit more from this tea. After reading some reviews, I expected a strong jasmine flavour. I only got some light / medium jasmine notes so I wasn’t completely satisfied. What I got in return was a heavy green taste, which was too intense for me.

It all comes down to one question: “Did I overbrew it or not?” Only another tea tasting in the future will provide an answer. For now, however, I give this tea an overall score of 6/10. I only really liked 3 steeps in the following order: 4 – 6 – 5. In my opinion, the fourth steep was the best because I got some pleasant jasmine flavours and even some other floral notes.

Interested in buying this tea? Visit Mei leaf’s online store via the following link: https://meileaf.com/tea/dew-drop-jasmine/ 

Serving tip: nothing in particular comes to mind but I suggest drinking this tea with your breakfast. The heavy green flavours in combination with light jasmine flowers are perfect to wake up and start the day, especially during Spring.

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